Hey whatsup, I’m Ian – artist, producer and creator of TheBeatCase. Here’s how TheBeatCase got started: One day, I was browsing Reddit and I stumbled across a subreddit called “beats”. It’s a section on Reddit where producers can share their beats and give each other feedback. I noticed that the majority of producers who were using this subreddit weren’t using it to give each other feedback. Instead, they were using it to promote their beats. Every day, hundreds of producers come to this subreddit to share and re-share their beats with the hopes of increasing their views, subscribers, and sales. This is when I realized a huge problem: there’s millions of producers out there making beats, but there aren’t really many platforms for producers to promote their beats.

Yes, Youtube, BeatStars, and Soundcloud are all amazing platforms for uploading beats. But they’re not necessarily the best platforms for promoting beats. Meaning – once your beat is posted onto one of these three platforms, it usually won’t get many views or plays (unless you already have a following). Instead, producers that want more people to listen to their beats seek outside sources & websites like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, or other websites that aren’t geared towards music producers.

This is why I created TheBeatCase – to give producers a free platform to promote and showcase their beats. As TheBeatCase continues to grow and more visitors visit our website, every beat posted onto TheBeatCase will receive more views, resulting in more exposure and success for all producers who use TheBeatCase. My vision for TheBeatCase is to continue to grow our community over time, to become one of the go-to online resources for producers, and to help as many people as producers as possible.